Cayenne Pepper sample

Cayenne Pepper – Fat Blaster or Big Fat Buster

Cayenne Pepper sample
Cayenne Pepper sample

We all know that green tea helps reduce weight loss and boost metabolism, but do we know that this effect is achieved with around 3–4 cups of green tea/day only?

Cayenne pepper, the new sensation in town, not only makes the fingertips burn when cut directly, but it can also help burn the body fat. The effective antioxidant, biologically known as Capsicum annum cayenne, is also a part of some popular cleansing diets. Precisely, Cayenne pepper is not a weight loss miracle but it can boost the weight loss process up to 25%.

The pepper is also related to some side effects like heartburn and ulcer. These occur due to excessive intake of the pepper.

Is It Really a Fat Blaster?

peppers - HOT
peppers – HOT

Capsaicin, the primary ingredient in these peppers, is believed as a thermogenic chemical by the researchers and scientists. The human body produces heat in thermogenesis. Considering the effectiveness of the process, the scientists studied and concluded that thermogenesis boosts fat oxidation and increases the expenditure of energy in the human body, boosting metabolism in each cell. The process of thermogenesis occurs in the brown adipose tissues. The scientists believe that metabolism may boost if the amount of brown adipose tissues is increased in the human body.

Cayenne pepper is also highly effective for fat loss among people who suffer from digestion issues. By increasing the heat in the human body, it allows the body to burn ingredients in the stomach and absorb essential nutrition from it.

It may be taken in different forms. It is available in the market as capsules, powdered form, combination pills, and drinks. Many people make their own drinks with cayenne pepper however, the most effective one of all treatments is the combination pill. As it helps burn 25% of the body fat, it may be combined with other ingredients to maximize its effect and lead to 100% fat loss.

The Laval University in Quebec conducted a research study on Cayenne pepper and revealed that it may help treat cancer and lung problems. It is useful for rehabilitation treatment of smoking and drugs. Furthermore, if taken at breakfast, it can help reduce appetite.

The nutritional value of cayenne pepper puts is somewhere close to the superfoods. Around 100 grams of the pepper contains 127% of the Vitamin C, which is an active agent of fat loss and helps boost the immune system. it also contains 43% of Potassium, 71% of Riboflavin (active agent for boosting metabolism), 37% of Vitamin B6, 1387% of Vitamin A, 97.5% of iron, and 41% of Copper. The percentages are based on your daily-recommended dose of nutrients.

Is It Beneficial?

The thermogenesis process of cayenne pepper has been supported by all research reports. Aside thermogenesis and fat loss properties, the pepper are useful in various other ways including these.

  • It has anti-irritant properties, which helps ease stomach disturbances i.e. it helps digest the food effectively. However, cayenne pepper is not useful to treat diarrhea.
  • Combined with lemon juice or Hydroxycitric Acid, it is very effective in treating flu and cough.
  • It has anti-allergic and anti-redness properties. However, it may aggravate irritation if applied directly on the skin.
  • Cayenne pepper is useful for clearing the arteries, remove blood clots, and improve blood circulation.
  • Carrying large amounts of Calcium, minerals and Vitamin D, the pepper is highly useful in the treatment of joint pain.

How Hot is the Fire?

A spoonful of cayenne pepper can lead to serious consequences like burning mouth and heartburn. However, such consequences are rare if the pepper is taken with the right combinations and in the right amounts. The Scoville Scale describes the burning sensations of peppers. At this scale, Cayenne pepper is scored at 5000 SHU whereas, Jalapeno pepper is scored at 50,000 SHU.

How Much is Healthy to Take?

The National Institute of Health describes that the individuals accustomed to spicy foods may take around one capsule of cayenne pepper. This one capsule is usually equal to one teaspoon of cayenne powder.

In a combination of treatments, cayenne pepper is mixed with the right amount of other ingredients, which helps reduce the burning sensation and boost the effectiveness of all ingredients. Therefore, taking the pepper in combination pills is highly recommended.

Any Side Effects?

The University of Maryland Medical Center suggests taking 30–120mg of cayenne pepper daily. However, the consumer may suffer from side effects if they are intolerant to the peppers or exceed the amount of pepper from the recommended dose.

  • Remember that cayenne pepper pastes applied directly on the skin for fat burning do not make any difference at all. It may irritate your skin and cause first-degree burns. However, cayenne pepper lotions may be applied to the skin for improving skin. These lotions do not help in fat loss.
  • Excessive consumption may lead to a runny nose. Puffy eyes are the symptom that you are intolerant to the pepper.
  • It may cause heartburn, blisters on tongue, mild fever, and ulcers if taken in large amounts.
  • Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should always seek medical advice before the treatment.
  • It may also cause stomach and digestive complications if taken directly in powdered form.

Takeaway Notes and Considerations

Cayenne pepper is one of the most effective agents in aiding the fat loss process. These natural ingredients are free from radicals or other chemicals, making them one of the safest options for fat loss. Its side effects are minor and may be avoided by careful and controlled intake of the pepper. Metabolism boosts when it is combined with green tea.

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